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PhD Program Overview
The PhD program in Experimental Medicine at University of Pavia has the primary target to prepare young researchers for a scientific career. The program offers to distinguished persons a comprehensive formative path through Formal lessons on by experts on selected topics, mainly designed to teach a methodology. The students are expected to personally drive research protocols under the supervision of a Tutor, with a high degree of autonomy. The PhD program integrates an array of prospectively professional skills form biology to the advanced medical practice. The bed-side care is seen as a part of a whole preparation and the experimental practice is offered as well, with a special drive to the concept of interdisciplinarity. The perspective candidate could be any practicing professional in the field of medical sciences, as the program is branched into two pathways: • Internal Medicine e Medical Therapy, which includes the traditional subspecialties • Experimental Surgery and Microsurgery, which is higher definition of General Surgery. Microsurgery is a part of such branch, as a valuable tool for selected studies in the preclinical phase. According to the Italian official definition, such branches are defined as curricula. The curricula are a synthesis of the research background of the PhD. Such a organization has the significant advantage to offer a broad preparation, which can be personalized, to fulfill the needs of students. However the interdisciplinary structure still retain a distinctive flavor of coherence, even for the allowance of dedicated structures at University of Pavia. Those are conveniently located near the highway to Milan and the international Airports.  
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