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Internal Medicine and Medical Therapy
Students of this branch of the PhD course will obtain a training focused on clinical and experimental research in the area of internal medicine, with primary reference to the path involved in the transfer of new findings into clinical practice from physiopathology and from diagnostic and pharmacologic sciences. The course will melt the biological background with the practical skills and competencies of the clinical methodology, though an interdisciplinary approach. The relevance of this training program derives from the growing need of such specific competencies in several biomedical research environments, including those linked to major academic institutions, large biotech companies and pharmaceutical industries. Research hospitals with a strong commitment for translational innovation have similar interests, delineating a wide range of possible career perspectives for the applicants. The PhD program takes advantage from a highly qualified infrastructure characterized by specialized research laboratories and clinics covering most sectors of internal medicine.

Experimental Surgery and Microsurgery
This branch of the PhD program will focus its activity on the cultural, scientific and methodological development of selected students in the field of surgical sciences. The course provides the opportunity of a highly qualified training in established and emerging fields of different surgical sub-specialities and microsurgery, with a primary perspective on academic research. Due to the requirements of a strong infrastructural background and complex facilities in the area of experimental surgery, the school offers the accessibility to diversified teaching platforms, all located in close proximity within the city of Pavia. These include the Laboratories of Experimental Surgery of the Department of Clinical, Surgical, Diagnostic and Pediatric Sciences at the University of Pavia, and the multiple interdisciplinary healthcare structures of the Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, a leading italian institution in the field of translational medicine.

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